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Advocate-Messenger raves: “‘Return of Tinker Doyle’ takes local to a new level!”

"The Return of Tinker Doyle"-photo by Ben Kleppinger

“The Return of Tinker Doyle”-photo by Ben Kleppinger

From Wednesday’s review by Ben Kleppinger:

“Kentucky Voices” plays at Pioneer Playhouse are always a special treat for locals, because they’re not set in Hollywood or New York; they’re set in central Kentucky and they feature people, places and stories you know from real life.

“The Return of Tinker Doyle” dials the “Kentucky Voice” to 11 — more so than any other play I’ve seen at the outdoor theater. As a result, it’s one of my favorite shows.

There’s hardly a scene that goes by in Pioneer Playhouse’s first offering of its 69th season where there isn’t a local reference or two — or five. But the local-ness of this play goes beyond name-dropping the Beer Engine, Plank on Main, the Sister Cities Commission or a bunch of other local entities.

The bulk of the play is set inside a new “boutique” hotel in downtown Danville — a project that’s been on the radar of the Convention and Visitors Bureau and in the news on the pages of this paper for some time, but has yet to materialize in the real world.

One plot catalyst in “Tinker Doyle” is news that the City of Danville plans to cut funding for the Sister Cities Commission, the body that manages Danville’s cultural exchange program with its Sister City, Carrickfergus, Ireland.

Not only is Carrickfergus Danville’s actual Sister City, and not only is there a real Sister Cities Commission that manages the cities’ relationship, but the current budget for fiscal year 2018-19 being considered by Danville actually halves the budget for the Sister Cities Commission.

I don’t know if Danville officials who attended Friday’s premiere were squirming in their seats at that plot line, but I do know pretty much everyone was laughing throughout the performance.

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