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2013 Pioneer Playhouse schedule announced


June 7 – June 22  DEATHTRAP
A long-running Broadway thriller by Ira Levin about a famous playwright who will stop at nothing (including murder!) to create his next big hit. Great writing with heart-stopping twists. Sure to keep you guessing… and gasping… until the end!

June 25 – July 6  TAMED
A modern-day version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew adapted by Holly Hepp-Galvan, where the fast-talking hero hired to tame and marry a rich but uncatchable bride is a rugged back-woods reality TV star famous for catching wild animals. (Sound familiar? Hint: “Yee-yee-yee-yee!”)

**New Play Premier!** by Elizabeth Orndorff
A comedy about the wife of a small-town Kentucky mayor who journeys with her husband to their town’s sister city in Ireland. Her agenda: to search out and reconnect with a long lost boyfriend, whose name in Ireland is as common as John Smith. Share Danville’s unique bond with its own Irish sister city, Carrickfergus.

July 23 – August 3 MOON OVER BUFFALO
Eben French Mastin and Patricia Hammond star in Ken Ludwig’s hilarious Broadway comedy about a zany theatrical family trying to keep their level-headed and responsible daughter from giving up the theatre to marry a weatherman! Meanwhile a blizzard barrels down on Buffalo!

August 6 – August 17  COCKEYED
A brilliantly written new comedy-romance by William Missouri Downs (author of KOSHER LUTHERANS) about the office romance between a one-eyed beauty queen and a Plato-quoting philosophy major (who happens to be invisible). He must woo the gorgeous, one-eyed gal before she agrees to marry the boss.

August 22, 23, 24 Etta May Back By Popular Demand!
The Queen of Southern Sass returns for a stand-up comedy special – and this time she is joined by Comedy MC and Playhouse favorite Eben French Mastin!