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Voices Inside theater project helps inmates reflect on lives, possibly change

BURGIN — Actor Eric Hedlund is playing a criminal. He has a gun in his hand and is about to hold up a store.

Suddenly, his legs get wobbly, things start swirling around him, and as he struggles to maintain balance, a mysterious man appears holding a red umbrella.

When Hedlund asks the identity of the man, played by inmate Derek Trumbo, he replies, “I’m that little voice in your head that tells you you’re about to do something stupid.”

The scene is playing out in front of a room full of people who have done something stupid — and illegal. The short play, Second Chance by Nathan Wrightis being performed in the chapel at Northpoint Training Center, a medium-security prison in Burgin, in front of an audience of prisoners and invited guests.

It is part of Voices Inside, a writing and performance project run by Pioneer Playhouse in Danville.

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Inmate Derek Trumbo, with umbrella, and professional actor Eric Hedlund performed inmate Nathan Wright’s play “Second Chance” on Aug. 13, 2012 at Northpoint Training Center in Burgin as part of Voices Inside. The writing-performance project is run by Pioneer Playhouse and is financed by an arts grant and the prison canteen. Photo by Rich Copley | staff.
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