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American Pickers episode shot at Pioneer Playhouse to air Monday July, 2!

The episode of American Pickers that was shot at the Playhouse will be airing this coming Monday, July 2 at 9 pm on the History Channel!
Here’s the description of the upcoming episode from the American Pickers website, plus the link to their schedule below:
With a massive property and a motivated seller, the guys pick Kentucky’s Pioneer Playhouse where a mysterious wooden box captures Mike’s attention. Frank is sure it’s a magic box but Mike disagrees, leading to a serious wager. With rusty gold as far as the eye can see, Pete reveals his most valuable items are buried underground. And a random stop at a South Carolina service station pays off with a rare oil sign and a 1950s zombie relic. Later, an appraiser identifies the mystery box.

It should be fun to watch Charlotte and Tom lead the Pickers around the Playhouse, and haggle with them over their prize!